VALZEO and SITES Present Circular Economy Innovations at World Economy Forum 2024, Brussels

Brussels, April 16, 2024 – Today at the World Economy Forum in Brussels, VALZEO, in collaboration with SITES, presented groundbreaking circular economy initiatives centered around the sustainable use of rice husk. The event provided a platform for VALZEO to demonstrate its innovative approaches within the circular economy, emphasizing how agricultural by-products can be effectively repurposed.

Highlighting Rice Husk’s Potential
VALZEO’s project, which harnesses rice husk to create eco-friendly materials, was a focal point of their presentation. These materials are aimed at reducing environmental impact by substituting traditional, non-renewable resources with sustainable alternatives. VALZEO’s utilization of rice husk exemplifies the potential of circular economy strategies to turn waste into wealth.

SITES Collaboration for Broader Impact
SITES, known for its leadership in promoting circular economy principles, partnered with VALZEO to highlight the practical applications of their research and development efforts. Together, they discussed how these innovations could be integrated into broader industrial practices, promoting sustainability on a global scale.

Future Directions and Collaborative Efforts
The presentation also outlined future directions for the VALZEO project, including plans to expand their technology and develop new products that continue to support sustainability. The collaboration between VALZEO and SITES at the World Economy Forum underscored the importance of multi-sectoral partnerships in driving significant environmental and economic progress.

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