“Valorisation of agro-industrial wastes via the production of zeolite-based composite materials and their use in environmental remediation and biofuel production”


"Uniting talents to achieve innovative and effective solutions"


"Developing advanced technologies for pollutant removal and clean energy production"


"Transforming waste into resources for a cleaner and greener future"


Our Innovative Approach to Agro-Industrial Waste and Water Pollution

Welcome to our project! We are excited to share with you our innovative approach to addressing the challenges of agro-industrial waste and water pollution.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that are being developed to promote sustainability and a cleaner future

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Multidisciplinary Integration

The integration of diverse expertise to address complex issues in the development of novel materials.

Silicon Optimization

The complete characterization of RHAs (Rice Husk Ashes, that can be used as a source of silica to produce zeolite-based composite materials for environmental remediation and biofuel production) and optimization of the silicon extraction process to produce novel materials.

Material Synthesis

The gathering of new knowledge on the synthesis and testing of the developed materials.

Composite Development

The evaluation and implementation of different methodologies for synthesis of hierarchical zeolites and encapsulation of MONs (Metal Organic Nanoparticles) and MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks)

Novel Proposals

The proposal of effective and efficient novel composite materials for wastewater treatment and biodiesel production.

Real Validation

The integration of the developed materials in a real demonstrator to validate their performance.

Circular Assessment

The implementation of an integrated multi-approach for a circular economy assessment and the boosting of EU R&I capacity and competitiveness.

Research Partnership

The strengthening of research partnerships through secondee’s mobility focused on training and knowledge transfer


Transforming Waste into Sustainable Solutions

Welcome to VALZEO, the innovative project focused on transforming agro-industrial waste into valuable materials for environmental remediation and clean energy production. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Our team of experts from across Europe and beyond is working tirelessly to develop multifunctional composite materials based on zeolites and metal oxide nanoparticles for the removal of organic pollutants from water, as well as for use in heterogeneous catalysis for biodiesel production.


Building a Sustainable Future through International Collaboration

By promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices, our project is fostering international and inter-sector cooperation between EU and Third Countries institutions, while supporting the professional development of researchers. Be a part of this cutting-edge initiative and help us pave the way for a greener, cleaner world.

Welcome to VALZEO!


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