VALZEO Contributes to Advancement in Zeolite Stability Research

We are proud to highlight a recent breakthrough in zeolite stability research by a team from the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO). This research, which aligns perfectly with our mission of utilizing zeolites for environmental applications, holds significant promise for the development of novel zeolite-based composite materials.

The UPO research team, led by Dr. Salvador Rodríguez Gómez Balestra, Dr. A. Rabdel Ruiz Salvador, and Dr. Dayrelis Mena Torres, employed a groundbreaking approach that combined crystallochemistry with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Their findings, published in Crystal Growth & Design, significantly contribute to the scientific understanding of zeolite stability.

Zeolites are nanoporous materials with a well-defined structure, making them valuable for various industrial processes. Understanding the relationship between a zeolite’s structure and its stability is crucial for designing new, more robust materials and optimizing synthesis methods.

This research is particularly relevant to VALZEO’s goals. By achieving a deeper understanding of zeolite stability, scientists can create more durable zeolite-based composite materials from agro-industrial waste. These novel materials will play a key role in the project’s objectives of environmental cleanup and biofuel production.

We are committed to fostering innovative research that advances the field of zeolite-based materials. We are proud to have partially funded this important study.

The UPO team’s commitment to open science aligns perfectly with our values. The research team has made a program publicly available that calculates the energy of a zeolite based on its structure. Additionally, the research article detailing their findings has been published in the open-access journal Crystal Growth & Design.

Our collaborative spirit and dedication to research funding are driving advancements in zeolite-based materials. By combining cutting-edge research with support for talented scientists, we are pave the way for a more sustainable future through waste valorization and clean energy production.

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Salvador RG Balestra, Noelia Rodríguez-Sánchez, Dayrelis Mena-Torres, and A. Rabdel Ruiz-Salvador. Structural Features and Zeolite Stability: A Linearized Equation Approach . Crystal Growth & Design .

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