VALZEO Study visit: Exploring Olive Oil and Sustainable Technologies

On December 5th, 2023, our team went on a study visit to the Instituto de la Grasa, a well-known research institute in Sevilla, Spain. The visit was a valuable experience for VALZEO project.

Discovering the Instituto de la Grasa:
The Instituto de la Grasa, part of the prestigious Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and located at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) campus, has a rich history since its establishment in 1947. The institute specializes in enhancing and developing industries related to fatty substances, with a primary focus on the characterization and production of quality, healthy, and safe foods using environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Mission:
VALZEO’s mission aligns perfectly with the goals of the Instituto de la Grasa. They are dedicated to the valorization of agro-industrial wastes, transforming them into valuable resources. By utilizing zeolite-based composite materials, VALZEO aims to contribute to environmental remediation and biofuel production, promoting sustainable practices in the industry.

Exploring Olive Oil:
During our visit, the VALZEO team delved into the multifaceted world of olive oil. Olive oil production plays a significant role in the Mediterranean region, and its sustainability is vital for both the environment and the economy. The VALZEO team had the opportunity to witness the cutting-edge research conducted at the institute regarding olive oil processing, quality control, and innovative extraction techniques.

Sustainable Technologies and Environmental Remediation:
One of the key aspects that caught VALZEO’s attention during their visit was the institute’s commitment to utilizing environmentally friendly technologies. The researchers at the Instituto de la Grasa have been exploring various sustainable methods for waste management, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste and carbon footprint. Such practices are crucial for preserving the environment and promoting a circular economy.

The VALZEO team’s visit to the Instituto de la Grasa was truly remarkable and informative. Exploring the world of olive oil and witnessing the institute’s commitment to sustainable technologies was inspiring. VALZEO’s mission in valorizing agro-industrial waste aligns perfectly with the goals of the institute. This visit was a valuable steppingstone in furthering their expertise and reinforcing their dedication to promoting environmental sustainability in various industries.

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