Nanoporous Solids for Environmental Applications Workshop Seville

Seville , Spain

Join us on the 4th of December 2023 for a remarkable scientific workshop on Nanoporous Solids for Environmental Applications. This event, hosted at the Sala De videoconferences in Edificio 6, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain, will delve into the fascinating realm of MOFs and Zeolites and their Potential Applications in Environmental Remediation and Biofuel production.

The workshop will provide a unique platform for scientific exchange and discussion, focusing on the synthesis, advanced characterization, and modeling of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Furthermore, it will explore the groundbreaking application of zeolites in the removal of methylene blue through a heterogeneous photo-Fenton process.


  • To foster a comprehensive understanding of MOFs and zeolites and their significance in environmental applications.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange on the synthesis and advanced characterization of MOFs.
  • To explore advanced modeling techniques for porous solids, enabling a deeper understanding of their properties and potential applications.
  • To showcase the potential of zeolites in environmental remediation and biofuel production, specifically in the removal of methylene blue using a heterogeneous photo-Fenton process.

The workshop aims to promote collaborative research initiatives, spark new ideas, and foster an environment of knowledge sharing within the realm of Nanoporous materials for environmental applications. Participants will gain valuable insights into the synthesis, characterization, modeling, and practical applications of MOFs and zeolites, contributing to the advancement of sustainable environmental solutions.

The workshop is an integral part of the VALZEO project, which focuses on the valorization of agro-industrial wastes through the production of zeolite-based composite materials.

Workshop Agenda and Speakers

Workshop location

Sala de videoconferencias in Edificio 6, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

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