Joint Call on “Aquatic Ecosystem Services” Open!

Water4All Launches Joint Call for Aquatic Ecosystem Services Research and Innovation Project

Water4All, a leading initiative promoting sustainable water management, is announce the launch of its second Joint Transnational Call for research and innovation projects. This call, focused on “Aquatic Ecosystem Services,” aims to encourage collaborative efforts to study and develop innovative solutions that enhance the protection and sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems. With 36 Funding Partner Organisations from Europe and abroad joining forces, this call presents a valuable opportunity to propel advancements in water resource management and conservation.

Understanding the Call:
The Joint Transnational Call focuses on the concept of Aquatic Ecosystem Services, which refers to the vast array of benefits that aquatic ecosystems provide to both humans and the environment. This includes the provision of clean water, flood regulation, climate regulation, food production, recreation opportunities, and cultural significance. The call invites researchers and innovators to propose projects that explore and enhance the understanding, valuation, and management of these invaluable ecosystem services.

Benefit from Collaboration:
The participation of 36 Funding Partner Organizations from Europe and abroad underscores the collaborative nature of the call. By bringing together diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives, the call intends to foster innovative and impactful research and development initiatives. Collaborative projects have the potential to generate novel insights, drive technological advancements, and offer practical solutions that improve the management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems globally.

Who Can Apply:
The call welcomes researchers, innovators, and practitioners from various disciplines, including but not limited to natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and policy development. Encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations, the call seeks to address the complex challenges associated with aquatic ecosystem services holistically. With water being a critical resource that transcends geographical boundaries, the call emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

How to Apply:
Interested parties can access the call guidelines, eligibility criteria, and application forms through the official Water4All website or the participating Funding Partner Organizations’ platforms. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the requirements and submission deadlines to ensure their proposals have the best chance of being considered.


  • Call opening: 12 September 2023
  • Submission deadline of pre-proposals: 13 November 2023, 15:00 CET
  • Selection of pre-proposals: End of February 2024
  • Submission deadline of full proposals: 29 April 2024, 15:00 CEST
  • Selection of funded proposals: September 2024
  • Projects start: End 2024 / beginning 2025
  • Kick-off meeting of the funded projects: Spring 2025

Consult the call announcement, the list of funding partner organisations and national contact points, as well as national/regional regulations available for download on the call webpage! Link here

Implications for VALZEO Project:
The VALZEO project, which focuses on valorization of agro-industrial wastes via the production of zeolite-based composite materials and their use in environmental remediation and biofuel production” and conservation, should take note of this significant Joint Transnational Call. Given its alignment with VALZEO’s objectives, the call provides a remarkable opportunity to leverage the research and innovation outcomes of the VALZEO project for further collaboration and environmental impact.

Water4All’s Joint Transnational Call for research and innovation projects on Aquatic Ecosystem Services presents an exciting opportunity to support projects that advance our understanding and management of aquatic ecosystems. With the participation of 36 Funding Partner Organisations, collaboration between various stakeholders can provide invaluable insights and solutions. By disseminating this call information on the VALZEO project website, we aim to encourage researchers to actively engage in this initiative and contribute to the sustainable management of our aquatic resources.

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