VALZEO Participated in the Carbon Farming Webinar

VALZEO project actively participated in the Carbon Farming Webinar, a session aimed at disseminating groundbreaking insights on climate change and sustainability targets within the EU and Irish context.

The webinar featured a comprehensive presentation highlighting relevant carbon farming techniques, associated benefits, potential trade-offs, and existing schemes. Additionally, the session concluded with an engaging discussion with esteemed experts in the field of carbon farming in Ireland.

Being committed to continuous learning and innovation, VALZEO eagerly participated in this webinar to enhance our knowledge and strengthen our mission of promoting sustainable practices in the agri-food system. We actively brought our queries to the open Q&A session at the end, enriching our understanding of carbon farming even further.

This webinar marks the beginning of a series of insightful events focused on innovation in the Irish agri-food system. The subsequent sessions will disseminate key findings from the report titled ‘Dealing with Climate Change,’ published by EIT Climate KIC and its partners. The VALZEO project intends to leverage these learnings to drive positive change in the agricultural sector.

VALZEO came away from the Carbon Farming Webinar with valuable knowledge on the co-benefits and trade-offs in carbon farming practices and existing schemes. Additionally, the discussions with expert panelists provided us with further insight into carbon farming practices in Ireland.

Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to actively pursue innovative solutions to combat climate change and foster a more sustainable future.

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