VALZEO Project Meeting Recap Advancing Sustainable Solutions through Agro-Industrial Waste Valorization

The partners of the VALZEO project met Virtually On Friday 30 June 2023 between the European and Cuban Partner

in a very positive atmosphere, this meeting is the first Project Meeting after the project KICK-OFF Meeting as planned in the Project timeline the meeting was Managed by Dr. Gustavo Perez, representative of the University Autonoma de Baracelona (UAB)​​ to deliver a Welcome to the project Partners. Prof .Roberto Boad talked about information gathering analysis and health risks of handling ashes without appropriate PPE, Also review the technology used in Gasification and ovens also Prof. R Boad was give a full explanation about VALZEO Materials AGUADA and AMARILIA in a scientific discussion between VALZEO partners, the partners exchanged views and observations on the scientific laboratory experiments indicators for VALZEO Materials and the next steps to develop results to achieve the planned target for VALZEO materials during the project period , also Prof. R Boad discuss with partners the project deliverable related to Rice Husk Ash ( RHAs) report this report will be provide full information about Collecting sorting characteristics challenges and barriers for( RHAs), this report will be available to public

Mr. Leonardo Piccinetti representative of reviewed development and implementation dissemination and communication plan related to identify and formulate the challenges of VALZEO , identify stakeholders,implement a road map to ensure conformity with data privacy Policy, Identify, select, and test tools for the implementation of Rule 6 and its GDPR conformity , Mr. Piccinetti also reviewed elements of PROMOTIONAL KIT related to VALZEO (Logo ,Branding, Factsheet , videos ,Digital Postcard ,etc ) , Mr .Piccinetti also reviewed dissemination, communication monitoring plan and presented KPIs about VALZEO Sciol Media and website Which came to reflect the great start of the VALZEO project, as all indicators were positive, Mr .Piccinetti also reviewed VALZEO Civil Engagement Activities plan which will be started by December 2023 in Seville in Spain with Science cafe , Mr.Piccinetti concluded his presentation by talking about next steps planned form Month 6 to Month 12 according to VALZEO Timeline

Dr. Gustavo Perez, reviewed and presented Full explanation related to project administration and Financial management also reviewed VALZEO quality assurance plan and risks management and monitoring of secondments also reviewed VALZEO Milestones and deliverables , Dr Perez concluded his presentation by talking about next steps planned form Month 6 to Month 12 and And he stressed the synergy between all the partners to complete the project schedule on time and remove any obstacles. He also commended all the partners for the great effort made in the project

Keep up to date with news of VALZEO development and follow us on various social media , our message is to always keep you informed of everything related to bio-energy and its fields and applications that will make the difference to more a sustainable world and the provision of the more renewable energy resources .

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