VALZEO Project Mid-Term Review Meeting

Barcelona, Spain — June 26, 2024 The VALZEO project, focused on “Valorisation of agro-industrial waste to obtain zeolite-based composite materials and their use in environmental remediation and biofuel production,” Today held its mid-term review meeting at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).Project Overview:VALZEO aims to transform rice husk ashes (RHAs) into valuable composite materials based […]

VALZEO Participated in the Carbon Farming Webinar

VALZEO project actively participated in the Carbon Farming Webinar, a session aimed at disseminating groundbreaking insights on climate change and sustainability targets within the EU and Irish context. The webinar featured a comprehensive presentation highlighting relevant carbon farming techniques, associated benefits, potential trade-offs, and existing schemes. Additionally, the session concluded with an engaging discussion with […]