VALZEO to Shine at “Linking Ecosystems for Sustainable Development” Workshop

Cuba, Havana, January 30, 2024 – The groundbreaking VALZEO project, a beacon of sustainable innovation, is set to feature prominently at the upcoming workshop ““Linking ecosystems for sustainable development” on February 6, 2024, at the prestigious Hotel Meliá Habana.

This event, a confluence of experts and visionaries in sustainable development, will showcase the VALZEO project under the theme “Promoting Technology Projects in the Agro-Industrial Chain: Evaluation and Environmental Sustainability” Dr. Leonardo Piccinetti, representing Sustainable Innovation Tecnology Services (SITES), will elucidate the project’s circular economy approach, emphasizing its impact and potential.

The workshop promises to be an influential platform for discussing innovative strategies and collaborations in the realms of health, biomedicine, local development, and environmental sustainability. The VALZEO project’s participation signifies its crucial role in shaping a sustainable future, highlighting its commitment to environmental stewardship and economic resilience.

We invite media representatives and stakeholders in sustainable development to join us in exploring the dynamic world of innovation and sustainability, as exemplified by the VALZEO project.

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