VALZEO issued 2nd newsletter.

As part of the ongoing efforts to keep the VALZEO community informed, engaged, and inspired, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our project newsletter. The newsletter serves as a platform to share the latest developments, insights, and events surrounding the VALZEO project, and we are excited to provide our community with valuable content, including special coverage of the first VALZEO workshop held in Sevilla, Spain, insights from the VALZEO Science Cafe, and highlights from the VALZEO project meeting month 12.

We are dedicated to fostering open communication and collaboration within the VALZEO community, and the newsletter is a testament to our commitment to keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged. We believe that open dialogue and knowledge sharing are essential for driving innovation and progress in the field of Valorisation of agro-industrial wastes via the production of zeolite-based composite materials and their use in environmental remediation and biofuel production.

In the special coverage of the first VALZEO workshop held in Sevilla, Spain, readers can gain valuable insights into the discussions, presentations, and key takeaways from this significant event. The workshop served as a platform for experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and chart the course for the future of nanoporous Solids for Environmental Applications within the VALZEO project.

Additionally, the VALZEO Science Cafe section provides a unique glimpse into the insightful discussions and thought-provoking conversations that took place in this forum. The Science Cafe serves as an important platform for intellectual exchange, where experts and innovators come together to explore new ideas, share their expertise, and inspire one another.

Furthermore, the newsletter includes highlights from the VALZEO project meeting month 12, offering a comprehensive overview of the progress, achievements, and future goals of the project. This section showcases the dedication, hard work, and innovative thinking of the VALZEO team.

We invite you to explore the latest edition of the VALZEO newsletter by following this link (

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