The XIV International Congress on Higher Education

Higher education plays a crucial role in shaping the future by equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values. In line with this goal, the Ministry of Higher Education institutions in Cuba will be organizing The XIV International Congress on Higher Education in February 2024. This congress will bring together academics, researchers, and professionals from around the world to discuss and share ideas on various aspects of higher education, with a focus on quality, sustainability, and social transformation.


From 5th: 9th February 2024


Center of Havana -Cuba

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Accommodation packages will be offered through the Havanatur S.A. travel agency. To that end,
you can contact:

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Registration deadline to be included in the Scientific Program on January 8, 2024

Spanish, English and Portuguese

Main activities of the scientific program:

  1. Opening lecture.
  2. Forum for Ministers and Higher Education Authorities.
  3. Forum on “Higher Education and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”.
  4. Forum on “UNESCO´s Prospect for the Higher Education of the Future. A View from the Latin American and Caribbean context.
  5. Forum on “Knowledge, innovation and sustainable territorial development.

The presentation of papers will be organized in seven symposia, in which special Workshops and Activities will be summoned for this University Congress edition:

Higher Education and the challenges for the future: internationalization, digital transformation, financing and information perspective.
• XVII International Workshop on “Higher Education and its Perspectives.
• XII International Workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education.
• X International Workshop on “Digital transformation and the leading technologies in Higher
• XIII Workshop on “Financing the Higher Education.
• I Workshop on “Information perspective in a transformative, quality, relevant and sustainable
Higher Education”

Symposium 2. Managing Higher Education. Quality for a sustainable development.
• XVII International Workshop on Postgraduate training for a sustainable development.
• XII International Workshop on Evaluating Quality and Accreditation in Education.
• I International Workshop on Managing Human Resources and their impact on Higher
Education quality

Symposium 3. University extension, commitment and social transformation for a sustainable

• XVII International Workshop on University Extension.
• III Workshop on Gender Equality: Advance and Projections
• III Workshop University, Aging and Sustainable Development.
• II Workshop on Physical Activity and Sports

Symposium 4. Training competent professionals from an inclusive and equal perspective, for a
sustainable development
• XIV International Workshop on Higher Education Pedagogy.
• X International Workshop on University Training for Education Professionals.
• X International Workshop on Medical Education: Challenges and Perspectives.
• VII Workshop on Didactics of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Architecture.
• VI Workshop on Teaching the Arts in Higher Education.

Symposium 5. University, knowledge and innovation for sustainable development.
• XIV International Workshop on “University, Science, Technology and Innovation.”
• XIV International Workshop on “University, Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development.”
• X International Workshop on “Universalization of the University in Rural Environments”.
• VIII International Workshop on “University, Food Sovereignty and Security.”
• II International Workshop on “Social and Humanistic Sciences from the University.”
• I International Workshop on “Open Science in Higher Education.

Symposium 6. Role of student and trade union organizations in Higher Education.
• XI Forum on “Student Organizations in the University.”
• XI Forum on “Professional and Trade Union Organizations in the University”.

Symposium 7. Linking the university and the productive and services: a strategic view for
sustainable development
• II International Workshop on “University and the Productive and Services Sector.

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