VALZEO’s Participation in Ecomondo 2023

Empowering the Circular Economy and Disseminating Sustainable Solutions


VALZEO, a leading European Project dedicated to the valorization of agro-industrial wastes and the promotion of sustainable solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in Ecomondo 2023 with our experts Prof. Francesco Fatone from UNIVPM and Mr. Alan Whiteside from SITES Ltd . This significant event, taking place from 7th to 10th November 2023, is a prime platform for strengthening cooperation in the circular economy both in Europe and worldwide. The primary objective of VALZEO’s participation is to disseminate the groundbreaking results of the VALZEO project while fostering collaboration with various local and international stakeholders.

Our expert Prof. Francesco Fatone , Universita Politecnica Delle Marche UNIVPM

VALZEO’s Mission:
VALZEO aims to revolutionize the treatment of Agro-Industrial Wastes through the production of Zeolite-based composite materials. By utilizing these innovative materials in Environmental Remediation and Biofuel production, VALZEO strives to achieve a Sustainable and Circular approach within the Agricultural and industrial sectors.

VALZEO is committed to the valorization of agro-industrial wastes, considering them as valuable resources rather than mere by-products. Through extensive research and development, VALZEO has successfully developed cutting-edge technologies that transform these wastes into zeolite-based composite materials. These materials have a wide range of applications, including environmental remediation and the production of biofuels.

The Significance of Ecomondo:
Ecomondo, one of the most influential environmental trade fairs in the world, attracts key players in the sector and creates a conducive environment for exchanging ideas and fostering collaborations. This event encompasses a broad range of topics related to sustainable development, waste management, circular economy, renewable energy, and environmental technologies. By participating in Ecomondo 2023, VALZEO aims to leverage this global platform to share their expertise and disseminate their findings on the valorization of agro-industrial wastes.

VALZEO’s Objectives at Ecomondo 2023:

  1. Showcasing Sustainable Solutions: VALZEO intends to showcase their revolutionary zeolite-based composite materials and their utilization in environmental remediation and biofuel production. By sharing their expertise and outcomes, they aim to inspire other stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices.
  2. Strengthening Collaborations: Networking and collaboration are fundamental in fostering sustainable development. VALZEO seeks to establish partnerships, engage with professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders, and explore mutually beneficial opportunities to further advance the circular economy.
  3. Disseminating VALZEO’s Achievements: Ecomondo 2023 provides an excellent platform for VALZEO to disseminate the remarkable results achieved through their research and development efforts. Through presentations, workshops, and discussions, VALZEO aims to raise awareness and inspire action in the field of sustainable waste management.

VALZEO’s participation in Ecomondo 2023 represents an important milestone in their journey towards a sustainable future. By showcasing their innovative contributions to the valorization of agro-industrial wastes and the development of sustainable solutions, VALZEO aims to inspire and collaborate with stakeholders from around the world. Together, we can create a more sustainable and circular economy, protecting the environment and fostering social and economic prosperity. Visit VALZEO’s website ( to discover more about their groundbreaking research and explore the transformative potential of their sustainable solutions.

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