Sustainable and Competitive Bioeconomic Future in the EU

VALZEO will be participating in the upcoming event “Sustainable and Competitive Bioeconomic Future in the EU” organized by the Circular Economy Platform. This event brings together key stakeholders from various sectors to discuss the future of the Bioeconomy and explore sustainable solutions.

As a project focusing on Valorizing Agro-industrial wastes through the production of Zeolite-based composite materials, and their potential in environmental remediation and biofuel production, VALZEO is committed to contributing to the advancement of the Bioeconomy.

The event will provide a platform for exchange, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing with experts, policymakers, and industry professionals. It will showcase innovative projects, initiatives, and practices that drive sustainable development and circular economy principles in the Bioeconomy sector.

We invite you to join us at this event to learn more about the VALZEO project, our groundbreaking research, and the significant role zeolite-based composite materials can play in environmental remediation and Biofuel production.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the “Sustainable and Competitive Bioeconomic Future in the EU” Workshop, taking place on [20 Sep 2023].

More information on the event, including registration details, can be found on the Circular Economy Platform’s website at the following link: 👇[]

We look forward to connecting with you at the event and sharing our insights and findings from the VALZEO project.

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